About us

We share passion and curiosity for the outerworldy universes imagined by artificial intelligence. Our mission is to explore these worlds, and we invite you to join our quest for beauty and rethinking reality. At the core of our work is the intersection between human and machine intelligence. Are we programming the machine or is the machine programming us?

Grenzauflösung (EinheitsEXPO 2020)

While physical borders can fall in a day, those in and between minds dissolve over years and decades. Cultural, societal and technological transitions are gradual and hard to perceive even at their fastest pace. Are the most fundamental boundaries, those defining us as individuals, in the process of dissolving through technology? Will artificial intelligence grow to become conscious itself? Will all borders and boundaries disappear then forever for good? The installation "Grenzauflösung" gives a glimpse into new forms of interactions that artificial intelligence will enable. It visualizes change that is gradual but radical, and invites people to discover creative artificial intelligence.

Ambient Jam #5

Our brains are constantly integrating multi-modal streams of information into one coherent perception of reality. Auditory and visual pathways are particularly intertwined, giving rise to complex synaesthetic phenomena. For Ambient Jam #5, a hybrid format hosted in Schlachthaus Tübingen and streamed online, we took the audience on an experimental journey, where we explored the interplay between visual patterns and sound with the help of our AI image flow generator. Electronic ambient music was live-created by Timo Dufner, Michael Hollingshead and Rolle&Korb.


1902 - 2012 & Wer malt denn da?

Looking at art leaves an impression in our mind. This neural imprint served as fertile ground from which our artworks 1902-2012 and Wer malt denn da? thrived. The core idea for 1902-2012 was to create a space where the artworks of the planned Herzstücke exhibition could resonate. Paintings from Max Pechstein, Asger Jorn, Paula Modersohn and others from the Kunsthalle Emden collection were re-interpreted and combined using our AI technology. This formed an endless stream of expressionistic associations, interacting and blending with the observer’s fresh memory imprint. Our second work, Wer malt denn da? invited the observer to be a co-creator by drawing their own pictures in the Kunsthalle Tübingen. The paintings were then re-interpreted with expressionist art through AI, and the results were integrated into the work. The creativity of the visitors, the expressionists, artificial intelligence and Lunar Ring was thus connected and transformed into something new. Over the course of the exhibition, the artwork continuously grew and evolved as we received almost 200 paintings from our visitors.

1902-2012 Wer malt denn da?

MPI for Intelligent Systems: Bridging Event

The Bridging Event in September 2019 brought together researchers from the Max-Planck-Institute for Intelligent Systems from Stuttgart and Tuebingen. The evening’s theme revolved around art, creativity and science. We presented two works featuring our styleflow technology and generative models.

Below we show several examples of our works that were presented at the venue.

Watch Fractals melt clouds
Watch Kandinsky melts Kandinsky
Watch Impressionists melt Schönbuch